One of the benefits of training at Iron Guard is the ability to visit and train at our affiliate school, the world renowned Clockwork Jiu Jitsu in New York City. Clockwork was established in 2009 by Sensei Josh Griffiths and is home to many world class jiu jitsu champions and celebrities alike.

Here is Sensei Tom with his Sensei Josh Griffiths,
along with Hawaii Five-o-star, Scott Cann.
Shown here is our own coach AJ with Sensei Josh Griffiths,
who is a 3X Abu Dhabi trials winner and Pan-Am champion.
Sensei Tom is shown here training with Josh Griffiths Sensei
and UFC MMA superstar Kenny Florian.

Iron Guard Dojo uses Elite Gi’s for training and competing and they have agreed to sponsor Angel Adorno from No Limits Jiu Jitsu Foundation with his competition Gi and rash guard. Thank you Born Tough.